The Challenge

5 servings of vegetables or fruit increases fiber and antioxidant intake.

2 hours or less of leisure screen time allows more time for activity.

1 hour of daily activity maintains muscle mass.

0 sweetened beverages can lower calorie intake.

Start the Challenge in 4 Easy Steps


Sign up for the 5210 Challenge by selecting your User Name, Password, and choosing to play as an individual or part of a team. Enter your beginning height, weight and waist on the Play Page.


Play daily by recording your servings of fruit and vegetables, hours of leisure screen time, amount of physical activity, and the number sweetened drink consumed.


Earn up to 20 points per day for improving your lifestyle. Compete with other individuals or a team member for the highest score in 30 days.


Repeat monthly and track your health as you rise to the top of the leader board.